Anthony Guerra

Posted on March 14, 2008

Anthony Guerra is Australian guitarists and one of the leading figures in their contemporary experimental music scene. Guerra has been invloved in experimental rock and folk music and free improvisation. In 2000 Guerra has lived in London where he was an active participant of younger scene of improvised music. Along with American guitarist Michael Rodgers he formed label Twothousandand, at that time a focal point of emerging scene of younger musicians in London (Seymour Wright, Ross Lambert, Joel Stern, Mattin, Takehiro Nishide, Paul Hood, …). With Michael Rodgers he formed Broken Hands duo and he had a duo with Joel Stern (releasing 2 records together) and with Matt Earle of Stasis Duo. He was also quite active in Australian and New Zealand’s experimental music scene, playing with Matt Nidek, Adam Sussmann, Mark Sandgrove Inge Olhmeim, Peter Blamey, Richard Francis, Antony Milton, Dean Roberts, Rosy Parlane,  …. He lived and worked also in Japan. At that time he formed his own label Black Petal, focusing more on song format and releasing close to 40 releases.

He has a lot of ongoing projects and groups: Vodka Sparrows (w Mark Leacy), Paper Wings (w Antony Milton), Your Intestines (w Peter Blamey / Matt Earle / Adam Sussmann), Antipan (w Nick Dan / Sumugan Sivanesan / Matt Earle), Green Blossoms (w Aiko Koga), etc … He has collaborated also with group Autistic Daghters (w Dean Roberts, Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Brandlmayer), on Mattin’s record ‘Songbook No. 4’ (w Taku Unami, Jean Luc Gionnet, Tomoya Izumi) and with Rosy Paralne on record ‘Jessamine’. Currently he is back in Australia …
Anthony Guuerra has released his works on following international labels: twothousandand, Breakdance The Dawn, L’Innomable, Black Petal, Touch, Rhizome, Digitalis, Kranky/ Staubgold, Seedy-R, Absurd, Impermanent Recordings, Pseudoarcana and soon to be on Ftarri …

Anthony Guerra: Cold Victory (Forthcoming On Black Petal –)
Anthony Guerra / Tim Olive / Makoto Oshiro Live At Ftarri Doubt Music Festival (Forthcoming On Ftarri, 2012)
Vodka Sparrows As Yet Untitled Cdr (Forthcoming On Rhizome, 2012)
Anthony Guerra / Bill Shute: Subtraction (Black Petal, 2012)
Antipan: Live At Sedition (Breakdance The Dawn, 2011)
Rainbow Conez: Shibuya Echo Live (Black Petal, 2011)
Mysteries Of Love: Wasted Love (Breakdance The Dawn, 2010)
Escalade: ODO (Harmelodic Music, 2010)
Anthony Guerra & Mark Sadgrove: Iron Sand (Black Petal, 2008/9)
Green Blossoms: Whiskey Leaves (Forthcoming On Digitalis, 2009)
Green Blossoms: Žð”” (Forthcoming On Digitalis, 2009)
Various Artists: Breakdancing The Dawn(Rhizome, 2008)
Anthony Guerra: [6] (A Binary Datum,  2008)
Needles (Anthony Guerra Secret Solo Project): U Gotta Wanna (Breakdance The Dawn, 2008)
Various Artists: Breakdancing The Dawn Vol.2  (Breakdance The Dawn, 2008)
Mysteries Of Love (Anthony Guerra / Noel Callan / Mark Sadgrove / Mark Anderson): No One (Breakdance The Dawn, 2008)
Your Intestines: Untitled (Pink) (Black Petal, 2008)
Your Intestines: Untitled (Green)’ Cdr (Black Petal, 2008)
Paper Wings:Ash Field (Black Petal, 2008)
Various Artists: Wailing Bones Vol. 12 (Foxglove/Digitalis, 2007)
Vodka Sparrows (Anthony Guerra / Mark Leacy): Death A Thousand Times Over (Black Petal, 2007)
Various Artists: Crows Of The World Vol. 1 (Last Visible Dog, 2007)
Anthony Guerra: [6] (A Binary Datum,  2008)
Anthony Guerra: Heartsong (Self-Released, 2007)
Various Artists: Deconstructive Music (More Mars, 2007)
Rosy Parlane: Jessamine (Touch, 2006)
Your Intestines: C60 Aka Chicken Dance (Breakdance The Dawn, 2006)
Your Intestines: Crates (Clear Liquid, 2006)
Antipan: 12″ (Pulled Out, 2006)
Anthony Guerra & Matt Nidek: Untitled (Black Petal, 2006)
Mattin: Songbook 4 (Azul Discografica, 2006)
Green Blossoms (Anthony Guerra / Aiko Koga): Stones And Ecstasy (Pseudoarcana, 2006)
Broken Hands / Lucky Rabbit: Lucky Hands (Twothousandand, 2005)
Anthony Guerra & Takehiro Nishide: Scopa Possibilities (Twothousandand,  2005)
Your Intestines (Anthony Guerra / Peter Blamey / Matt Earle / Adam Sussmann): ‘Live’ Cassette (Breakdance The Dawn, 2005)
Richard Francis / Anthony Guerra / Mattin / Joel Stern: 7″ (CMR, 2005)
Anthony Guerra: Empty Kingdoms (Black Petal, Sydney/Tokyo, 2005)
Anthony Guerra: Kingdoms II  (Black Petal, 2005)
Joel Stern & Anthony Guerra: Outdoor Bowers (Pseudo Arcana,  2005)
The White Petunias (Anthony Guerra / Joel Stern / Jamie Hume): No Way Out Cassette (Breakdance The Dawn, 2005)
Antipan: Live 2 & 3 (Breakdance The Dawn, 2005)
Antipan: Live 1 (Breakdance The Dawn, 2005)
Anthony Guerra & Matt Earle: In (L’innomable, 2005)
Anthony Guerra & Matt Nidek: Nb (Seedy-R, 2005)
Anthony Guerra & Inge Olmheim: Untitled  (Document, 2005)
Joel Stern / Anthony Guerra / Margarida Garcia: Hey Ya (Absurd, 2004)
Autistic Daughters: Jealousy And Diamond (Kranky/Staubgold, 2004)
Kazumichi Grime: Source:Guerra (Pneuma, Sydney, 2004)
Various Artists:Outer 4 (Bus Gallery, Melbourne, 2004)
Anthony Guerra: [1] Re-Edit Versions Cdr (Self-Released, 2004)
Anthony Guerra: [3]  (Self-Released, 2004)
Antipan: (Anthony Guerra / Nick Dan / Sumugan Sivanesan / Matt Earle): Antipan 3″ (Mprov, 2004)
Joel Stern / Anthony Guerra / Paul Hood: Low Resistance Group (Paradisc, 2004)
Various Artists: It’s Over, We Don’t Care (Spanish Magic, 2005)
Anthony Guerra & Matthew Nidek: Tenant Akong (Self Released, 2004)
Joel Stern & Anthony Guerra: Stitch(Impermanent Recordings,  2003)
Various Artists: Ringtones CD Compilation (Touch, 2001)
Broken Hands (Anthony Guerra / Michael Rodgers): Berlin Airlift (Twothousandand, 2002)
Anthony Guerra / Joel Stern / Takehiro Nishide / Michael Rodgers: Iberian Tour (Twothousandand, 2002)
Anthony Guerra:Spool [2]  (Twothousandand, 2002)
Musicgroupmusic (Joel Stern / Rohan Thomas / Romuald Wadych / Takehiro Nishide / Matthew Hyland / Anthony Guerra / Mattin /Denis Dubovtsev / Michael Rodgers): ’01: 11/11/01 (Self-Released, 2001)
Neutral Density Trio (Anthony Guerra / Michael Rodgers / Clive Lineham): Maps (Twothousandand, 2001)
Anthony Guerra: [1]  (Self-Released,2001)

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