Seijiro Murayama

Posted on October 8, 2008

Born in 1957, in Nagasaki, Japan, percussionist, drummer, worked with Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Keiji Haino, KK Null between 1980 and 1998. Since 1999 he lives and works in France. He collaborated with some contemporary dance/theater/performance groups as a composer-musician.

His artistic principal is especially to work with the idea of the interdisciplinarity between music and other disciplines of art: dance, video, paintings, photos, literature etc: approaching ‘a stranger’ to do something constructive with them. In the same way, he collaborates with musicians, composers, and sound artists: Pascale Criton, Mattin, soundworm, Toshimaru Nakamura, Toshiya Tsunoda, Robin Hayward, Axel Dörner, Klaus Filip,Thomas Tilly, Benjamin Thigpen, Didier Aschour, Damien Grange, Tomaž Grom, Ntoko. Among his current projects are: -Solo with a snare drum and a cymbal (amplified or acoustic), sometimes with a drum kit, duo with Jean-Luc Guionnet (alto sax), Eric Cordier (amplified hardy gardy), Stéphane Rive (soprano sax), Tim Blechmann (computer), Didier Lasserre (percussion), Tomaž Grom (doublebass); trio with Thierry Madiot (bass trombone etc) and Pascal Battus (prepared guitar) and quartet Off-cells: with Taku Unami (guitar), Uta Kawasaki (analog synthesizer), Takahiro Kawaguchi (objects) …

Even if his music has evolved since last years by the practice of writing compositions, improvisation is still his major artistic concern (workshops of improvisation in Japan, Italy, France, Slovenia). His approach is based on the attention to space and place, to the energy of the audience, and to the quality of silence in various levels. His solo is a kind of continuum with microscopic sounds. He uses a snare drum and a cymbal with brushes, sticks etc and air and contact microphones (in order to work on the edge of perceptions). Otherwise, he develops, by means of texts, his reflections about the framework of the ” concert ” system, the relationship with the audience, etc, …


Seijiro Murayama & Jean-Luc Guionnet: Window Dressing (Potlatch, 2011)

Seijiro Murayama & Stephane Rives: Axiom Fot The Duration (Potlatch, 2011)

Seijiro Murayama & Eric Cordier: Nuit (Herbal International, 2011)

Seijiro Murayama & Toshiya Tsunoda: 60 Snared Cuts (Skiti, 2010)

Off-cells: 60/40  (L’Innomable, 2010)

Seijiro Murayama & Tim Blechmann: 374 (Nonvisual Object, 2010)

Seijiro Murayama & Tomaž Grom: Nepretrganost (Zavod Sploh/ L’Innomable, 2010)

Seijro Murayama, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Mattin, Ray Brassier: Idiom & Idiots (w.m.o/r, 2010)

Seijiro Murayama & Eric La Casa: Supersedure (Hibari, 2010)

Seijiro Murayama: Solos (Zerojardins, 2009)

Seijiro Murayama: 4 Pieces With A Snare Drum (Petit Label, 2009)

Seijiro Murayama & Soundworm: Space & Place (Ftarri, 2009)

Seijiro Murayama & Michael Northam: Moriendo Renascor (Xing Wu, 2009)

Seijiro Murayama & Lionel Marchetti:: Hatali Atsalei (L’éxchange des Yeux) (Intransitive, 2008)

Seijiro Murayama & Jean-Luc Guionnet: Le Bruit Du Toit (Xing Wu, 2008)

Seijiro Murayama, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Ernesto Rodrigues, Guilherme Rodrigues: Noite (Creative Sources, 2008)

Seijiro Murayama, Martin Powell, Per Isle Galaen: Catching Flames In An Empty Sky (Amboulthe, 2008)

Seijiro Murayama & Michael Northam: They Stood Around And Watched (Universinternational, 2004)

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