Matt Davis

Posted on December 7, 2008

Matt Davis first studied visual arts and communication in London, which led him to an investigation of improvisation and structure within a creative process. This later gave rise to a focus on a musical practice with his chosen instrument – the trumpet. His work deals with creating a personal language which challenges the limits of the instument and provides scope for solo work and interactive improvisation. More recently he has started working with field recordings and electronics.

Working mainly in improvised and experimental music – using trumpet and field recordings. ‘Field’ is a live art/performance project, operating since 2003.After first training as a visual artist Davis became more and more involved in improvised music which gradually became his main activty. In the mid-nineties he completed, the by now sadly late, John Stevens’ workshop series Search and Reflect as well as various other courses and workshops run by experienced improvisers at Community Music and the LMC. It was also at Community Music that he played in the ‘Better Get Hit in Your Soul’ big band – led by Jim Dvorak and Eric Mingus – playing the music of Charles Mingus.
After establishing firm connections with many improvisers in London, such as Mark Wastell, Rhodri Davies and Angharad Davies, Davis relocated to Barcelona where Agusti Fernandez was busy establishing the IBA collective – later taken over by Ruth Barbara, Alfredo Costa Monreiro and Ferran Fages. Whilst there he played with the IBA orchestra, including a concert under Butch Morris’ conduction, and also made longstanding collaborations with Liba Villavecchia, Rosa Muñoz and Ana Subiana (Tres Peros y Una Cabra); Ruth Barbara and Alfredo Costa Monreiro (I Treni Inerti); Ferran Fages and Joan Saura. Also in Cataluña Davis met Constanza Brncic and Carme Torrent, who with Uri Blanc, made up the La Sospechosa dance company – an ongoing collaboration.
On re-relocating to London, Davis curated a series of concerts, attempting to include improvised dance, which ran under the name ‘Field’. This series, with the help of Chisenhale Dance Space, gradually became a live-art/performance research project. About 50 artists, or possibly more, performed in the Field series, but Pam Gilmore, Tim Jeeves, Rachael, Cockburn, Yumino Seki, Scopac (Rob Flint), Jane Munro and Rajni Shah had a particularly important input and were especially generous with their time and inspiration.

Matt has made various musical collaborations throughout Europe and Japan, and also works with dance both as an improviser and composer.  As improvisor he has played in trio Broken Consort (w Mark Wastell & Rhodri Davies) and in trio I Treni Inerti, was a member of London Improvisers Orchestra and is currently a member of ensemble Zeitkratzer and ensemble of improvisers The Seen. Other collaborations have included Rhodri Davies, Otomo Yoshihide, Taku Sugimoto, Sachiko M, Angharad Davies, Michael Duch, Mark Wastell, Phil Durrant, Joel Stern, Graham Halliwell, Keith Rowe, Lee Patterson, Ben Drew, Angharad Davies and more …


Zeitkratzer: Whitehouse Electronics (Zeitkratzer Records, 2010)

Zeitkratzer: Old School: Alvin Lucier (Zeitkratzer Records, 2010)

Zeitkratzer: Old School: James Tenney (Zeitkratzer Records, 2010)

Otomo Yoshihide: Core Anode (Meenna, 2009)

Matt Davis, Matt Milton, Bechir Saade: Dun (Another Timbre, 2008)

Matt Davis: Violence (self release, 2008)

Matt Davis, Rhodri Davies, Samantha Rebello, Bechir Saade, : Hum (Another Timbre, 2007)

Various Artists: Blocks Of Consciousness And The Unbroken Continuum  (Sound 323, 2006) book + dvd

Broken Consort: Done  (Quakebasket, 2005) w Mark Wastell & Rhodri Davies

Matt Davis & Graham Halliwell: Old School (Absurd, 2005)

Mark Wastell/ Matt Davis/ Phil Durrant: Open  (Erstwhile, 2003)

I Treni Inerti: Ura (Creative Sources, 2003)

John Wall: Hylic (Utterpsalm, 2002)

Matt Davis & Joel Stern: Small Industry (L’Innomable, 2003)

Matt Davis & Mark Wastell: Derby/ Liverpool (Absurd, 2002)

Lol Coxhill: Spectral Soprano (Emanem, 2002)

London Improvisers Orchestra: Proceedings  (Emanem, 2000)

Matt Davis/ Phil Durrant/ Mark Wastell: st (Confront, 2000)

Matt Davis: Mute Correspondence (A Field Record, 2004)

Ladder: Seen (A Field Record, 2004

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