Matthew Earle

Posted on December 7, 2008

Working with minimal means Matthew Earle creates radically stripped back sound, improvised composition with blank media. Co-founder of improvising psychadelic rock outfit the Minerals in the mid 90s with Adam Rashied, he is currently playing in Stasis Duo with Adam Süssmann.

He regularly collaborates with other improvising musicians and has toured through Japan playing the meeting at ‘Off site’ series solo 2003 and Cafe Futuro with Koike Toshihiro, Ezaki Masafumi & Takashi Kojime.


Matt Earle, Adam Sussmann,  Jason Kahn: Concerts Melbourne + Sidney (Avant Whatever, 2011)

Stasis Duo:  (L’Innomable, 2010)

Statis Duo: 3 (Organised Music Of Thessaloniki, 2009)

Muura: Black Bird Sings (Black Petal, 2008)

Matt Earle: Golden Guitar  (Black Petal, 2007)

Muura: El Dorado (Black Petal, 2006)

Antipan: Pulllpo01  (Pulled Out Records, 2006)

Muura: Scarlet Urmine Sandstone Lady (Black Petal, 2006)

Matt Earle & Anthony Guerra: In (L’Innomable, 2005)

Matt Earle: 213 (Document)

V/A: Loose Canon- Sounds From The Australian Experimental Underground  (Australia Council For The Arts, 2005)

Matt Earle: DOCUMENT 7 (Document)

Matthew Earle/ Will Guthrie/ Adam Sussmann: DOCUMENT 04 (Document)

Stasis Duo: Whitenoise & Burnouts (Document, 2005)

Stasis Duo: Beetroits  (Document)

Matthew Earle: DOCUMENT 03 (Document)

Matthew Earle/ Will Guthrie/ Adam Sussmann. Building Blocks (Antboy, 2003)

Stasis Duo: Explode (Document)

Stasis Duo: Hammer and Tongs  (Impermanent recordings 001)

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