Tomas Korber

Posted on December 7, 2008

Born in 1979 in Zurich, Swiss-Spanish composer/improviser Tomas Korber received a five-year musical basic training (theory/clarinet) starting from 1988 and guitar lessons starting from 1992, which he quitted after four years being unhappy with the restraints of academic tutelage. Early interest in diverse experimental music directions (electro-acoustic, contemporary, free improvisation, etc.). Self-taught schooling in electric-guitar (and electronic devices) since 1993.
Korber has written various compositions and played improvised music since the early 90ties. He has worked solo and collaborated with the likes of Günter Müller, Norbert Möslang, Otomo Yoshihide, Lê Quan Ninh, Toshimaru Nakamura, Stephan Wittwer, Jason Kahn, Thomas Ankersmit, Dimitri de Perrot, Dieb13, Butch Morris, Alessandro Bosetti, Hans Koch, Sachiko M, Christian Weber, Keith Rowe, Christian Wolfarth, Kazuya Ishigami, Olaf Rupp, <strøm> (collaboration at the Swiss National Exhibition “Expo02”), Andrea Parkins, eRikm Steinbrüchel, Keith Fullerton Whitmann (aka Hrvatski), Lionel Marchetti, Charlotte Hug, Adam Sonderberg, Mattin, Taku Unami and many others.
He also composes music for theater- and film-productions (i.e. under the direction of Franz Dängeli, Kaspar Kasics, Fredi Murer, Stefan Haupt, Fanny Bräuning, Christine Hürzeler, Martin Moll etc …

In 2009 he was awarded a biannual artist residency in New York City by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Zurich. Korber has studied psychology and computer science at the University of Zurich and holds a Master of Science degree.


Various Artists: Le Performantiel Noise ((SIC)/ Les Presses du Reél/MNÓAD, 2011) book + cd

Tomas Korber & Gert-Jan Prins: RI 1.5442  (Cavity, 2010)

Tomas Korber & Ralf Wehowsky: Walküren Am Dornenbaum (Entr’acte, 2010)

Tomas Korber & Tim Barnes: Second Day, Third Set (Homophoni, 2010)

Tomas Korber & Utah Kawasaki: Pocket Size Isolationism (Esquilo, 2009)

Tomas Korber & Philip Julian: Herbe Zeiten (Con-V, 2009)

Signal Quintet & Katsura Yamauchi: Signal To Noise 4 (For 4 Ears, 2008)

Tomas Korber, Norbert Möslang, Hong Chulki, Ryu Hankil, Bae Miryung: Signal To Noise 6 (For 4 Ears, 2008)

Mersault: Raymond Et Marie (Formed Records, 2007)

Signal Quintet: Yamaguchi (Cut, 2007)

Tomas Korber, Christian Webber, Katsura Yamauchi: Signal To Noise 2 (For 4 Ears, 2007)

Tomas Korber & Graham Halliwell: The Large Glass  (Cathnor, 2007)

Jason Kahn/ Tomas Korber/ Christian Weber: Zürcher Aufnahmen (Longbox, 2007)

Mike Shiflet/ Tomas Korber/ The Seven Arts: Untitled split  (Fargone, 2006)

Tomas Korber & Bernt Schurer: 250906  (Balloon & Needle, 2006)

Taylor Dupree/ Kenneth Kirschner/ Tomas Korber/ Steinbrüchel/ Aaron Ximm: May 6, 2001   (and/OAR, 2006)

Tomas Korber: D01+  (Desetxea, 2006)

Tomas Korber: Silkworms (Lanikai)   (Bagatellen Listen Series, 2005

Tomas Korber/ Keith Rowe/ Günter Müller: Fibre  (For 4 Ears, 2005)

Tomas Korber/ Christian Weber/ Christian Wolfarth: Mersault (Quakebasket, 2005)

Tomas Korber: Effacement (Cut, 2005)

Tomas Korber/ Jason Kahn/ Dieb 13: Zirkadia  ((1.8)sec records, 2005)

Tomas Korber & Dan Warburton: Conspiracy Theory (L’Innomable, 2005)

Tomas Korber/ Dieb 13/ eRikm: Condenser (Absurd, 2005)

Jason Kahn: Timelines (Cut, 2005)

Tomas Korber: Sediments Of Seclusion (Kissy Records, 2004)

V/A: Construction Sonor (Pro Helvetia, 2004) w Günter Müller

V/A: Rural Psychogeography (Nexsound, 2004) w Günter Müller

Tomas Korber: Mass Production (w.m.o/r, 2004)

Tomas Korber/ Erik M/ Otomo Yoshihide/ Toshimaru Nakamura: Backwater (For 4 Ears, 2004)

Tomas Korber & Kazuya Ishigami: Mistakes (neus318, 2003)

Tomas Korber/ Günter Müller/ Steinbrüchel: Momentan Def (Cut, 2003)

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