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Mattin is a Basque artist working with noise and improvisation. His work seeks to address the social and economic structures of experimental music production through live performance, recordings and writing. Using a conceptual approach, he aims to question the nature and parameters of improvisation, specifically the relationship between the idea of ”freedom”and constant innovation that it traditionally implies, and the established conventions of improvisation as a genre.

Mattin considers improvisation not only as an interaction between musicians and instruments, but as a situation involving all the elements that constitute a concert, including the audience and the social and architectural space. He tries to expose the stereotypical relation between active performer and passive audience, producing a sense of strangeness and alienation that disturbs this relationship.

Mattin has published more than 70 records on different labels all over the world, alone and in collaboration. He runs the label w.m.o/r which focuses on experimental works with a conceptual and minimalist approach. He also runs Free Software Series, a label dedicated to promote works that are realized using free software and the chaotic netlabel Desetxea, which has more than 150 references.

Mattin has collaborated with many people inlcuding: Emma Hedditch, Karin Schneider, Eddie Prevost (Sakada), ” ” [sic] Tim Goldie (Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra), Lucio Capece (NMM), Mark Wastell (Belaska), Rosy Parlane, Radu Malfatti, Taku Unami, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Seiji Murayama, Margarida Garcia, Marcia Bassett, Jeff Perkins, Miguel Prado, Drunkdriver, Dion Workman, Junko, Billy Bao, Xabier Erkizia, Alberto Lopez, Josetxo Anitua & Inigo Eguillor (Josetxo Grieta), Tim Barnes, Matthew Bower, Oren Ambarchi, Barry Weisblat, Dean Roberts, Klaus Fillip, Bruce Russell, Matt Earle, Campbell Kneale, Werner Dafeldecker, Cremaster, DD Kern, Kouhei Matsunaga, Christof Kurzmann,  Matthew Hyland, Joel Stern, Anthony Guerra, Takehiro Nishide, Taku Sugimoto, Yasuo Totsuka, Axel Doerner, Masafumi Ezaki, Tony Conrad, Michel Henritzi, Miguel Prado, Howard Slater, Anthony Iles, Ray Brassier, Keith Rowe and Philip Best.

He also writes about improvisation, noise, culture in more general terms and intellectual property. His texts have been published in books and magazines such as: Work the Room (b-books, Berlin), Mute magazine (London), Soliloquio (Getxo), Gara (Bilbao), Arsenal (Londres), 3t (Bergen), The Wire (London) y  MEM codex (Bilbao). Mattin has edited the book ”Bilbao Acabado” dealing with role of culture in the regeneration process of Bilbao.Mattin and Anthony Iles have edited the book titeld Noise & Capitalism that explores the relationship of experimental music with the economic system that we are living in. Noise & Capitalism is published by Arteleku-Audiolab (Donostia/San Sebastian). A collection of Mattin’s writing will be published by Taumaturgia (A Coruna).

He has given lectures and workshops in different places such as: CalArts (California), Visby Art School (Sweden), MAK (Vienna), Zagreb, The School of Wall and Space from Copenhagen@Basso (Berlin), Gothenburg, Adeleide, UPV Fine Arts dept. (Bilbao), Arteleku (Donostia/San Sebastian)

He had presented his sound work in places such as Art in General (New York), Artist Space (New York), Open Space (Vienna), Transmission Gallery (Glasgow), Arthouse (Dublin), Arteleku (Donostia), Abisal y Sala Rekalde (Bilbao), CataLyst Arts (Belfast), Cubbit Gallery (Londres), ZAIM (Yokohama), Alma (Londres).


Mattin: Exquisite Corpse (w.m.o/r/ Azul Discographica, 2011)

Mattin: Object of Thought (Presto!?, 2011)

La Grieta: Decision (Black Petal, 2010)

Mattin, Seijiro Murayama, Ray Brassier, Jean-Luc Guionnet: Idioms And Idiots  (w.m.o/r, 2010)

Billy Bao: Urban Disease (PAN, 2010)

Mattin & Taku Unami: (Rumsti Pumsti, 2010)

Mattin & Malatesta:  s/t (Ozono Kids, 2009)

Mattin / Drunkdriver: List of Profound Insecurities (Badmaster/ Suicide Tax, 2009)

Billy Bao: I Am Going To Kill All The Rich Man (Drone Errant, 2009)

Mattin, Alan Courtis, Eddie Prevost, Bruce Russell: The Sakada Session (Azul Discografica, 2009)

Billy Bao: May 08 (Parts Unknown, 2009)

Consumer Electronics: Crowd Pleaser (Hand To Mouth, 2009)

Deflag Haemorrhage/ Hainen Kontra: Luxury (Tonich Aleph, 2009)

Deflag Haemorrhage/ Haien Kontra: Humiliated (Tonich Aleph, 2009)

Billy Bao: Sacrilege (After Burn, 2009)

Josetxo Grieta: Distancia #2387  (Hamaika, 2009)

Josetxo Grieta: Hitzak, Eginak, Animaliak, Pertsonak (Discos Crudos, 2009)

Mattin, Junko, Michel Henritzi: Je T’ Aime (Absurd, 2008)

Josetxo Grieta: The Art Of Distraction (Ozono Kids, 2008)

Junko & Mattin: s/t (Tonich Aleph, 2008)

Josetxo Grieta: Sonrisas Vendo, Donde Nos Ilevan (Taumaturgia, 2008)

Billy Bao: Accumulation (Xerox Music, 2008)

Billy Bao: Dialectics Of Shit (Parts Unknown, 2008)

Mattin: Broken Subject (Free Software Series, 2007)

Billy Bao: Fuck Separation (S-S Records, 2007)

Mattin & Taku Unami: Attention (w.m.o/r, 2007)

Mattin/ Analog Suicide/ Gen26: s/t ([&], 2007)

Mattin/ Gen26/ Batur Sonmez: s/t ([&], 2007)

Mattin & Claudio Rochetti:  Long Live Anti Copyright, Death To Intellectual Property (Troglosound, 2007)

Mattin, Taku Unami, Ryu Hankil, Jin Sangtae:  5 Modules III (Manual, 2007)

Mattin & Matthew Bower: A New Form Of Beauty (Bottrop Boy, 2007)

Michel Henritzi: Keith Rowe Serves Imperialism (, 2007)

NNM: Universal Prostitution (Ideal/ Absurd/8mm, 2006)

Josetxo Grieta: Euskal Semea   (, 2006)

Belaska: Reductionism Is Dead (Desetxea, 2006)

Billy Bao: Auxilio (Herbal Live Series, 2006)

Campbell Kneale & Mattin: Kneale/ Mattin   (Con-v, 2006)

Mattin: Proletarian Of Noise (Hibari, 2006)

Mattin: Song book (Hibari, 2005)

Mattin: Songbook 2 (Autsaider magazine issue 6, 2006)

Mattin: Songbook Vol. 3  (Black Petal, 2006)

Mattin: Songbook Vol. 4  (Azul Discográfica, 2006)

Mattin & Tim Barnes: Achbal At Atlas(Little Enjoyer, 2006)

Josetxo Grieta: Reminders Of A Precious Life (Audiobot, 2006)

La Grieta: Hermana Hostia (w.m.o/r, 2006)

Lene Grenager, Harald Fetveit, Lasse Marhaug. Lucio Capece & Mattin: st  (The Seedy R, 2006)

Mattin & Axel Dörner: Berlin (1001 + 1 TiLt/ Absurd, 2006)

Mattin & Cremaster: st (Audiobot, 2006)

Mattin & Radu Malfatti: Going Fragile  (Formed. records, 2006)

Mattin/ Joel Stern/ Anthony Guerra/ Richard Francis: 7”  (cmr, 2006)

Tony Conrad, Mattin, Tim barnes: st (Celebrated Psi Phenomenon, 2006)

Mattin/ Taku Unami/ Jean-Luc Guionnet/ Bertrand Denzler: tba (Fargone Records, 2005)

Mattin: Abuse Division (Conv, 2005)

V/A: Euskal Interpretatazile Berriak, 1. Salia (Antifrost, 2005)

Sakada: Askatuta (Rhizome, 2005)

Sakada & Bruce Russell: Casa Precario (Con-v, 2005)

Billy Bao: Bilbo’s Inciniator  (w.m.o/r, 2005)

Billy Bao: R’n’R Granulator (w.m.o/r, 2005)

Deflag Haemorrhage/ Haien Kontra: Luxury (w.m.o/r, 2005)

Mattin & Dion Workmann: S3 (Formed Records, 2005)

Mattin & Lucio Capece: No More Music (Why Not ltd, 2005)

Radu Malfatti & Mattin: Whitenoise (w.m.o/r, 2004)

Sakada: Never give up on the margins of logic  (Antiopic Live Series, 2004)

Mattin, Taku Sugimoto, Yasuo Totsuka: Training thoughts (w.m.o/r, 2004)

Mattin, Radu Malfatti, Klaus Filip, Dean Roberts: Building excess (GROB, 2004)

Mattin & Tim Barnes: st (Quakebasket, 2004)

Mattin & Junko: Pinknoise (w.m.o/r, 2004)

Bruce Russell: Los Desastres De Las Guerra (w.m.o/r,2004)

Sakada: Bilbao resiste, resiste Bilbao (Fargone Records, 2004)

Mattin & Dion Workmann:Via Vespucci (Antifrost, 2004)

Mattin & Taku Unami: Shiryo No Computer (Hibari Music/ w.m.o/r, 2004)

Mattin: Basque Road, Auckland (Document, 2004)

Mattin & Rosy Parlane: Agur (Absurd, 2003)

Mattin: Gora (Twothousanand, 2003)

Belaska (Mattin & Mark Wastell): Vault (w.m.o/r, 2003)

Sakada: 30 november 2002 (Sound 323, 2003)

Mattin & Rosy Parlane: Mendietan (w.m.o/r, 2002)

Sakada: Undistilled (Matchless Recordings, 2002)

Mattin: Betzain (w.m.o/r, 2001)

Mattin: Tinnitus (w.m.o/r, 2001)

Joel Sern/ Anthony Guerra/ Michael Rodgers/ Mattin/ Takehiro Nishihide/ Rohan Thomas/ Romuald Wadych/ Dennis Dubotsev/ Matthew Hyland: Musicgroupmusic 1  (self released, 2001)

Mattin/ Rosy Parlane/ Eddie Prevost: Sakada
(w.m.o/r, 2001)

Mattin: Higu (w.m.o/r, 2001)

BI-RAK: Ipurtagiri (w.m.o/r, 2001)

Aparallel: Whash That (self released, 2001)

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