Tim Blechmann

Posted on April 3, 2009

Born in Bilefeld in 1981. Studied studies of physics & computer sciences, universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart in 2001- 2004; studies of electroacoustic music at Institute for computer based music and electronic media with Wolfgang Musil; since 2005 studies of computer sciences at Vienna univerity of technology and since 2007 studies of digital arts at University of applied arts. In music he mostly works as an improvisor with laptop. He has regular duos with Klaus Filip (Taus), with Seijrio Murayama and with Manuel Knapp. Between 2004-2005 he was curator of the concert series “Plattform für freie musik” at Fluctuating images, Stuttgart, now run by Oliver Prechtl. He runs a cd-r/ web label Moka bar.

During the years he has colaborated with amog others: Hong Chulki, Conny Zenk, Ikko Taniuchi, dieb13, Olaf Hochherz, Bernhard Schöberl, Ivan Palacky, Noid, Wolfgang Fuchs, Goh Lee Kwang, Christian Eremia, Oliver Prechtl, Anja Füsti, …


Tim Blechmann & Seijiro Murayama: 347 (Nonvisual Object, 2010)

Tim Blechmann, Klaus Filip, Ivan Palacky, Dieb 13: s/t  (Moka bar, 2010)

Various Artists: Klingt.org: 10 Jahre Bessere Farben (Mikroton, 2009)

Tim Blechmann & Manuel Knapp: Untitled 22 (Uzusounds, 2009)

Tim Blechmann & Manuel Knapp: Untitled 21 (Moka bar, 2009)

Tim Blechmann: Replucked (Whynotltd, 2008)

Tim Blechmann: rrrr, Moka bar, 2008)

Taus (Tim Blechmann & Klaus Filip): Organ of corti (L’Innomable, 2007)

Tim Blechmann: Re-reading  (Free software series, 2007)

Tim Blechmann & Goh Lee Kwang: Frei Radio Fur Stuttgart, 02 Feb. 2005 (TIBProd, 2006)

Tim Blechmann & Goh Lee Kwang: Drone (no label, 2005)

Tim Blechmann: M  (Herbal records, 2005)

Tim Blechmann & Goh Lee Kwang: Enter/ esc (Between The Line, 2004)

Tim Blechmann & Goh Lee Kwang: M18-Z11_qx2 (Moka bar, 2004)

Tim Blechmann & Goh Lee Kwang: un no (Moka bar, 2004)

Tim Blechmann: s_ (Moka bar 2004)


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