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Edén Carrasco was born in 1982, Valparaíso, Chile. He started saxophone lessons at the age of twelve and in 2008 he obtained the High Performance in Saxophone degree, at the conservatory of Universidad de Chile. He practices free improvisation since year 2000 and has played in many different bands such as Ensamble Majamama, La Kut, Cariñito 3, Martin Joseph Pacific Ensemble, Akinetón Retard, Cuarteto de Saxofones de Miguel Villafruela, Ensamble Nuevo of Goethe Institut, and many other spontaneous and ad hoc combinations for improvised music. He has been part of casual meetings of improvised music and/or recorded and published albums with musicians Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan), Jason Kahn (USA), Leonel Kaplan (Argentina), Christof Kurzmann (Austria), Sergio Merce (Argentina), Norbert Möslang (Switzerland), Günter Müller (Germany), Burkhard Stangl (Austria), Taku Unami (Japan) and Manfred Werder (Switzerland). He has played in many stages in Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brasil, China, Colombia, Germany, France, Holland, Japan, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela


No Hermanos Carrasco: Mímesis Intemperie (L’innomable, 2011)
Schnee: Neuschnee (Erstwhile, 2009)

vv.aa: Paisajes Sonoros/Ferias Libres (Jacobino Discos, 2009)

Akiyama, Tetuzi, Éden Carrasco, Leonel Kaplan: Moments of Falling
Petals (Dromos, 2009)

Akinetón Retard: Sentido Común (oseidon, 2007)

La Kut: La Kut (Independiente, 2007)

La Pichanga [Edén Carrasco, Francisco Carvajal, Cristian
Bidart]: Arriba de la Pelota (Independiente, 2006)

Toto Álvarez & Edén Carrasco: Música Para Sanar Animales (Independiente, 2006)

Akinetón Retard: Cadencia Urmana (Editio Princeps, 2006)

vv.aa: Analogía del Jazz de la Universidad de Chile 2002-2003 (Independiente, 2003)

Payaya [Raúl Díaz, Edén Carrasco, Fernando Carrasco]: Infinitas
Relaciones (Independiente, 2004)

Akinetón Retard: Ao Vivo (Editio Princeps, 2004)

Akinetón Retard: 21 Canapés (Mylodon Records, 2003)

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