Nicolás Carrasco

Posted on April 4, 2009










Nicolás Carrasco Díaz was born in 1980, Santiago, Chile. He started making music in 1993, studied composition from 1999 to 2005 and started playing improvised music in 2004. He has played in Ensamble Majamama, Cariñito 3, mm, Lluviadenoviembre, Cremino & Babarruá, ensamble ala1RECS and other ad hoc combinations with fellow chilean musicians.

He has played with Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan), Burkhard Stangl (Austria), Christof Kurzmann (Austria), Leonel Kaplan (Argentina) and Tatsuya Nakatani (USA).

Current activities include studying philosophy, art theory & aesthetics; playing improvised and composed experimental music (with ala1RECS&arsomnis); photocopying scores and musical parts to pay the bills, and once in while, posting in IHM.


No Hermanos Carrasco: Mímesis Intemperie (L’innomable, 2011)

Schnee: Neuschnee (Erstwhile, 2009)

Ensamble Majamama: sin título #1 [ejercicio #4 (ala1RECS,, 2009)

MC Cremino & DJ Babarruá: diégesis (ala1RECS, 2009)

Ulagula: sin título #2[ulagula]  (ala1RECS 003, minicdr, 2009

Yonhosago: álbum 1 (descuento) (Lizard Records, 2005)

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