Ferran Fages

Posted on October 11, 2010

Ferran Fages works in the field of free improvised music in different context- from subtle guitar explorations of timbre, to more robust dynamics in the midfield of electro-acoustic music with turnatble experimentations and electronics. He also takes his sounds in different art form- contemporary dance and theatre (collaborations with Olga Mesa, Carme Torrent) and poetry. From 1999 onward he is a member of IBA col.lectiu d’ improvisació. Inside this collective he organises IMPROVISA- Festival Internacional de música i danca improvisades de Barcelona,. He is a member of Cremaster duo along with accordionist and electrophonician Alfredo Costa Monteiro. They share common intrests of researching soundfield inside noise thru various means of sound usage. and lately regulary creates with trumpeter Ruth Barberán (in Error Focus from 1998) and australian percussionits Will Guthire and french improvisor Jean Phillipe Grosss in trio Voitbruts (from 2004).

In his career so far he has played or recorded with Joan Saura, Agustí Fernández, Jakob Draminsky, Franck Stofer, Antón Ignorant, Stefan Prins,Derek Bailey, Margarida García, Francisco López, Andrea Neumann, Phil Niblock, Taku Unami, Masahiko Okura, Masafumi Ezaki, Bukhard Beins, Guiseppe Ielasi, Mark Wastell, Will Guthrie among others.

He has appeared in numerous international festivals and venues for contemporary music: Sound 323 (London), Off Site (Tokyo), Sonar (Barcelona), Kraakgeluiden (Amsterdam), Instants Chavires (Paris), etc …


Ferran Fages & Lali Barrière: Novosibirsk.ep  (Con-V, 2011)

Ferran Fages:  Pèl Nord (Bocian, 2011)

Ferran Fages, Robin Hayward, Nikos Veliotis: Tables And Stairs (Organised Music From Thessaloniki, 2011)

Various Artists: v-p- v-f is v-n (Wind Measure, 2010)

Cremaster: Igneo (Cathnor, 2010)

Ferran Fages: Lullaby for Lali (Etude Records

Ap’strophe: Corgroc (Another Timbre, 2010)

Cremaster: Noranta graus a l’esquerra (Monotype, 2009)

Ap’strophe: Objects sense objectes  (Etude Records, 2009)

Octante: Lúnula (Another Timbre, 2009)

Ferran Fages/ Bhob Rainey: split (Compost & Height, 2009)

Ferran Fages: Al voltant d’un paral·lel (Etude Records, 2008)

Ferran Fages: Cançons per a un lent retard (Etude Records, 2008)

Various Artists: The Art Of Gremlin (Leonardo Music Journal, 2008) magazine + cd

Various Artists: Sudamérica Electrónica 2 (Suda, 2008) dvd & cd

Ruth Barberán/ Alfredo Costa Monteiro/ Ferran Fages: Semispheri (Esquilo Records, 2006)

Ferran Fages, Will Guthrie, Jean- Phillippe Gross: s/t   (Antboy/  LMC Collectors Series, 2006)

Ferran Fages & Will Guthrie: Cinabri  (Absurd, 2006)

Fagus: Dans L’ Involucre Entre Ouvert  (A Question Of Re_Entry, 2006) w Pascal Battus

Mattin & Cremaster: s/t (Audiobot, 2006)

Francisco Lopez: Absolute Noise Ensemble (Blossoming Noise, 2005)

Ferran Fages, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ruth Barberán, Margarida Garcia: Octante (L’Innomable, 2005)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro/ Ruth Barberán/ Ferran Fages: Istmo (Creative Sources, 2005)

Ferran Fages: A cavall entre dos cavalls (composicions per a guitarra) (Creative Sources, 2004)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro/ Ferran Fages/ Ruth Barberán: Atolón (Rossbin, 2004)

Various Artists: Doggy Style. Poèmes électroniques (L’Ovni Tendre, 2004)

Cremaster: Void (Antifrost, 2003)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro/ Ferran Fages / Ruth Barberán/ Masafumi Ezaki/ Masahiko Okura/ Taku Unami: Atami (Hibari Music, 2003)

Various Artists: Void (Antifrost, 2003)

Cremaster: 33, 41 n/m2 (Absurd, 2003)

Cremaster: 23 November 2002 (Sound 323, 2003)

Ferran Fages & Naoshima: st (self released, 2003)

Cremaster: Infra (Antifrost, 2003)

Various Artists: I’ve never thought you would have done it… (A Wedding Compilation) (Rossbin, 2002)

Cremaster: Flysch (G3G Records, 2002)

Margarida Garcia & Ferran Fages: Sloworthopography (Thin Ice, 2002)

Cremaster: Oomfsquawk (self released, 2001)


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