Ferran Fages: Llavi Vell

Posted on October 26, 2011

Ferran Fages: composition, acoustic guitar, contact mics and speakers

Recorded and edited from July To October 2010

Artwork by Lali Barrière

Play it as loud as possible!

Edition of 150 copies

llavi vell

Compostion by Ferran Fages (acoustic guitar, contact mics and speakers)

The nature of this recording is a distorted image that came to my mind during the composition of the piece.

I worked on Llavi vell during 3 months from july to september 2010.

The sound is the result of bowing the strings of the guitar in different fret positions, with a bow made of  a long metapiece. The fret positions were related to the different divisions of the lenght of the strings: half, third, fourth, fifth and sixth.

The multilayered composition allows to create a fluid mass with two levels of sound.  The first one is a huge mass, almost a drone; but the movement of the bow breaks the illusion of a constant and fluid sound. The second one is a collection of dispersed harmonics, treated as a melodic pattern.

The final part of the piece is an epilogue of this melodic pattern. It’s built in different layers of feedback, created from short and repetitive movements of a contact mic on a spring, placed on the surface of a flat speaker.

Ferran Fages, October 2011

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