Antoine Beuger: Sixteen Stanzas On Stillness And Music Unheard

Posted on July 8, 2013


Greg Stuart: vibraphone

Recorded July-August 2011

Mastered by Joe Panzner

Edition of 150 copies

This recording begins quietly and gets louder during the first half of the CD. Playback volume should be set such that the first stanza (at 0’30”) is minimally present

Sixteen stanzas on stillness and music unheard (2004) is work by Antoine Beuger for 16 instruments of the same kind heard in this debut recording by Greg Stuart for 16 bowed vibraphones. Like many of Beuger’s works, sixteen stanzas asks the performer to play sustained tones within a small pitch-window (i.e., a half-step above or below the written pitch) that the performer may place in any octave. Given that the vibraphone is an instrument of fixed pitch, Greg Stuart has read all of the pitch indications as written and has distributed the pitches by chance in the various octaves of the vibraphone, creating a kind of compressed reading of the piece. This compression has been further shaped by Antoine Beuger, who upon hearing the recording for the first time, was inspired to create a double-wave shape of the work’s amplitude, where not only does each stanza fade in and out, but also the work as a whole.’  Greg Stuart 2013

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